Egg Hunter's Binoculars

Egg Hunter's Binoculars paper model

Simple and fun paper Egg Hunter's Binoculars model.

Print, cut, glue and play!

It’s getting close to Easter time. A real egg hunter cannot do without special equipment. Binoculars for finding eggs will make hunting even more fun and interesting.

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About models

Papercraft or paper toys are an exciting activity for adults and children. This is an art that is easy to master at any age: just cut out, glue and play!

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All models on the site differ in difficulty, marked with stars. It takes about 5-10 minutes to assemble simple models, and 25-30 minutes for the most complex ones. Choose as you wish and start creating!

Can I do it?

You will definitely get it, even if you have never glued it out of paper!

Check It Out For Yourself!

If you are still in doubt, watch the video where you can see how easy and simple it is:

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